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  • Hi bayrlla,mash ih taalagdlaa goy bailaa setgel hanamj 100% .tanai hamt olond bayrlla,amjilt husii.
    Эрдэнэчимэг Чимгээ
  • Маш гоё мэдрэмж байлаа. Баярлалаа
    Gantulkhuur Ganchuluun
  • Mr Bold is an amazing paragliding guide. The experience was phenomenal i would definitely recommend giving it a try.
    Letasha Moodley
  • New to this kind of experience. I had so much fun! Everyone was friendly and made me feel at ease. The experience was amazing! I will definitely go again.
    Jennifer Bush
  • Amraltiin uduruu chanartai unguruuluu. Uneheer setgel sergesen tasarhai neg tiim uur medremj awsan,Hun amidraldaa zaawal hiih yostoi zuiluudiin neg gj bodoj bn. Yadaj baihad nisgegch ah maani nuhursug gj yaaana 🤩🤩🤩
    Enku Tugsbileg

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Шонхор, Бүргэд багцын удахгүй болох нислэгийн цаг Захиалах Ёл багцын удахгүй болох нислэгийн цаг Захиалах

Safety Training Update

Our pilots have completed their SIV (Safety) training to become internationally licensed pilots, improving their knowledge in Turkey.